Steam Traps

The function of the steam traps is to release the condensate and close it when steam is detected. Since it practically does not let steam through, there is no steam loss.

 The main working element is the built-in thermostatic capsule.It can be installed in any position.

 The TKK-2Y and TDK45 types are available on stock in flanged and threaded execution, Both are manufactured by AYVAZ.

 8.10 TKK-2Y Thermostatic steam trap, PN 40, AYVAZ

 The most important feature of TLV products is high quality, long service life, and fast delivery time. MVV is the exclusive Hungarian distributor of TLV steam technology products!

 The most important products: steam traps, pressure reducers, separators, globe and check valves, ball valves and a complete range of valve made of ductile iron, cast steel and stainless steel materials. In addition, the engineering activity is the delivery of system solution units, pressure control stations, injector heat recovery units made according to the customer’s requirements.

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