About Us

Our activities and main products

The main activity of our company is wholesaling of industrial valves and fittings.

Ball valves

ISG ball valves, EFAR ball valves (WKC1), and carbon steel and acid resistant ball valves – for water and gas and other medium in a wide range!


Welding-neck flanges, flat flanges, blind flanges, loose flanges in wide range on stock!

Other products:

  • ISG butterfly valves

  • Rubber and metal gate valves

  • Check valves

  • LINK-FLEX rubber expansion joint

  • AYVAZ metal expansion joint

  • AYVAZ check valves

  • AYVAZ thermostatic steam straps

  • Dirt collecting filter

  • Safety valves

  • Different type of fittings

Our products not only well-known in our country, but also demand. Our extensive customer network provides coverage for the entire territory of Hungary. In addition to the domestic market, we also sell our products abroad, primarily to Romania, Slovakia and Croatia. Main areas of use: industrial technology, energetics, building engineering, fire water networks, irrigation and utility services. The purpose of our activity: with our flexible business policy, we try to fit as best as possible to our customer needs, whether they are trading companies or end users. In addition to fully satisfying the customer’s needs, our goal is to gain their trust and establish long-term cooperation with them. Our effort to continuously develop and expand our product range also serves this purpose. 

Besides distibution of industrial fittings, our company also deals with renting out its existing but unused warehouse capacity. Our warehouses are located in Maglód and Gyömrő.

Exclusively distributed brands 


The most important feature of TLV products is high quality, long service life, and fast delivery time.

The most important products: thermostatic steam traps, steam pressure regulators, condensate pumps, steam dryers, globe valves, strainers, check valves, ball valves, complete list of fittings made of cast and ductile iron, carbon and stainless steel materials. In addition engineering activity according to the customer’s requirements, delivery of complete valve units, pressure regulating stations, injector heat recovery units.

More info:



Polish manufacturer of ball valves.


One of the biggest Turkish valve producer.


Manufacturer of high quality rubber expansion joints.

GTM Process Valves

Polish manufacturer of industrial valves. 

Further distributed brands


Sapag Valve products also available exclusively in our company’s distribution in Hungary from 2018!

French manufacturer of SAPAG butterfly, check valves and GACHOT ball and gate valves.


Czech manufacturer of energetic valves.


Czech manufacturer of energetic valves primarily gate valves.


French valve wholesaler.


Spanish manufacturer of knife gate valves.


Polish manufacturer of cast iron valves.


Polish manufacturer of safety valves. Member of the Zetkama group.


Polish manufacturer of water utility products.


Spanish manufacturer of building engineering valves.


Hungarian manufacturer of building engineering products.


Premium valves from Switzerland. The hungarian stock of Interapp butterfly valves is located at our company.


Manufacturer of good quality butterfly and check valves from Singapore.


Slovenian manufacturer of ball valves.


Manufacturer of knife gate valves and other water and wastewater technology products.

AKO Armaturen

German manufacturer of manual and pneumatic pinch valves.


Spanish manufacturer of premium quality PTFE lined and „High Performance” butterfly valves.

Company history

Our company, Maglódi Vasipari Vállalat (MVV) was founded in 1991 by József Vaskó in the maglód factory of the former Ipari Szerelvény és Gépgyár. At beginning we did a trading activity only, but in 1994 the manufacturing was restarted.

In 1997 the company introduced the EN ISO 9002:1996 system. In 1999 two new developments were launched to the market. We started to manufacture our butterfly valves and resilient seated gate valves. The new design of the gate valve has been awarded on the Nürnberg and Brussels invention shows by gold and silver medals.

Also in 1999 we begin to manufacture stone cutting machines for German customers. In this way our machines reached many countries in Europe.

The biggest change in the history of MVV came in 2005 acquiring the complete production program of ISG Ltd. The additional product portfolio has considerably strengthened our market position. It shows the importance of the acquisition that the name of the company has been changed to MVV-ISG Industrial Valve and Machine Manufacturing Ltd.

In January 2012 the commercial and the manufacturing activities was divided, we continue the  commercial activity as MVV-ISG Industrial Valve Trading Ltd.

Since October 1, 2012, our company has been certified according to ISO 9001:2008, and since 2017 we have been operating with renewed MSZ EN 9001:2015 standard.

On April 30, 2020, our company took another important step: we built a new modern warehouse on the edge of the town, next to route 31. In this way, it is more accessible to customers, and the receipt of goods is easier and faster.

Managing director: Csaba Vaskó

Quality Policy

We adapt our activities to the needs of our customers. In our organization, we map every phase of the service to be provided to customers. We place special emphasis on the regulation of individual processes. From the definition of needs to supply, storage and delivery of the goods.

All employees consider it their natural task to deliver products on time in the required quality level.

We ensure customer satisfaction by continuously achieving their needs, well-organized and error-free work. With our professional experience and on-demand continuous training, we aim to have as much experience as possible in solving tasks. The tasks are carried out with the help of ethical employees who understand their work, keep up with rapid changes, and with appropriate work tools in a given work environment.

We consider continuous compliance with quality requirements extremely important, because:

– ensures the successful operation of the company in long term

– enables the maintenance and expansion of the basic profile,

– improves the perception of the company,

– maintaining its competitiveness,

– increases efficiency, which can save costs,

– creates a reliable circle of customers.

The managing director takes all necessary measures to establish, introduce, maintain and develop the quality at all levels of the organization. The managing director expects employees to fully identify with the goals, so that the requirements are understood, accepted, and continuously enforced during their work.